VAT Compliance services

End-to-end VAT compliance service solutions from VAT registration to VAT de-registration, including VAT representation during local VAT audits. Ongoing VAT compliance services are provided on the VAT WAY Platform.

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Local expertises

On the VAT WAY Platform, VAT returns are prepared and filed by VAT compliance solution providers with local expertise. VAT analytics and invoices are regularly reconciled to make sure that the filed VAT returns are supported by the legally required documentation.

Country VAT facts and compliance tools

Every relevant VAT compliance data and document is available on the VAT WAY portal for every country with a VAT WAY solution provider. From up-to-date VAT legislation and compliance facts to practical tools, like the multiple VIES-checker and the translated VAT returns. An offer adjusted to VAT managers’ needs - a reliable source for reference or confirmation.

Privacy first

We know how important our clients’ data is and we manage it accordingly: in a responsible and secure way. Only our client’s own staff and that of their providers may access VAT compliance data.

Continous innovation

No matter how cutting edge the VAT WAY Platform is, we consider it work in progress. Co-work, actually: providers and clients using the VAT WAY Platform are all involved in its constant development.

Cloud based

On the VAT WAY Platform, VAT compliance procedures and related documents are accessible real time and online. And when access means actual and efficient management, the VAT WAY Platform provides a seamless solution with practically no limits.

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