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It’s about managing VAT compliance. The way those responsible for their group’s multi-jurisdictional VAT compliance in Europe have never seen before.
It’s about demonstrating competence and expertise and providing professional support when and where our clients need it. Factual VAT knowledge is crucial, but the core of our services is the way we manage VAT compliance together with the fine, selected group of VAT compliance providers.
It’s about our seamless teamwork performed under the coordination of the one central provider chosen by the client - a one-stop-shop service solution with a flexible, single contact point.
It’s about delivering efficient, transparent and hands-on VAT compliance and managing all the risks. In every country we cover.
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Our clients’ current vat compliance solutions

Are they really satisfied?

No time

No time

No time to focus on strategy due to daily micromanagement of VAT compliance procedures. 
Limitless paperwork

Lost in transition

Requirement to research, validate and apply up-to-date local VAT legislation efficiently.
Lack of control

Weak control

VAT compliance procedures lack systematic control, issues are rarely followed up until solution, potential exposures become accepted, tolerated.

Are these familiar to your clients?

The good news is, we know a better way!


How is vat way different?

VAT WAY’s compliance services are provided by local teams of VAT experts and supported by an online portal which allows real time overview of the status for every VAT return in every country with responsive content, a customized dashboard and an impressing look-and-feel. Our VAT compliance teams manage local VAT audits, too – in fact, they are presenting to the tax auditors the VAT documentation we have put together and checked in the first place. Not only we cover the entire VAT compliance procedure, we also make sure that the data is made available to our clients’ VAT compliance officers for process management, cashflow forecasting, VAT planning and many other purposes, too. Real time, online. And if they need something we have not thought of, we will make the solution happen and allow others, too, to use the same solution. We are co-developing the platform with those who use it.

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Prepared locally, filed locally, managed centrally

We do it our (VAT) way and let our clients decide which
one of us should coordinate the rest of the team.

A site dedicated to VAT compliance

A single site where VAT compliance managers
regularly return to.


Easy access to international clients

By just doing what we are good at
– VAT and consulting services.

Clean, adaptive design

Clean design with an awesome, customized dashboard.


Just exactly what you and your clients need

The VAT WAY compliance management platform allows
providers and clients to use and share the entire
VAT compliance documentation efficiently.
And users will love it, too.

Built-in training module

Built-in training module

Getting accustomed with a compliance platform has never been easier.

Built-in training module

Customized notification centre

Get the reminders and alerts you really want to. And only those.

Built-in training module

Customized dashboard

Cockpit made easy to overview with an option to drill down to basic documents by maximum 2 clicks.

Built-in training module

Individual security settings

Because we know how important the data we manage is.

Built-in training module

Must-know VAT data for every country we cover

Most of it for free.

Built-in training module


Part of the VAT know-how is not for free. Extra money never hurts.

Built-in training module

International network 

It’s good teaming up with fellow providers sharing the same values and virtues.

Built-in training module

Built for what you will use it for

Developed by and for VAT compliance solution providers.

Built-in training module


We start with a prototype and make it a ... whatever you need it to be.

Built-in training module

Administration from cloud

Access with no limits.


Adaptive structure and design

that always fits to your needs.

Adaptive structure and design

that always fits to your needs.

Adaptive structure and design

that always fits to your needs.

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